Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) are widely used around the world in many different processes to clean exhaust gases e.g. from combustion- and mineral refining processes. It is also very common, that during the years the existing processes are further developed to increase production capacities, etc. resulting in notable changes in process parameters. These changes typically result in deterioration of efficiency meaning higher dust emissions. In such case it would be good to realize, that existing air-pollution control equipment can typically be upgraded with small changes and/or modernizations which are pricewise and timewise more economical than constructing completely new equipment. Preciptek Oy’s personnel has over 33 years of experience developing, planning, performing and consulting of such ESP upgrades around the world.

A properly designed and constructed Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) has a lifespan of several decades. The operation of an ESP is based on a high voltage electricity, fixed electrodes and low flue gas velocity, so the number of moving parts, wear and other maintenance needs are already low from a structural point of view. Deviations from optimal circumstances do occur and may cause abnormal wear or corrosion in the ESP parts and structures. Because of this, a mechanical inspection should be carried out periodically inside the precipitator. The inspection includes a complete evaluation of actual wear parts and corrosion as well as parts susceptible to fatigue. PRECIPTEK’s MECHANICAL INSPECTION SERVICE is carried out during maintenance shut down by an expert, who is specialized in working safely in the demanding environment of ESPs.